Recently, I’ve been learning to let go.

I used to be a real calorie-nazi…and I was afraid of stopping because my body may respond by gaining weight. But now that I’ve started to learn to accept my body, that isn’t so important anymore – not that gaining weight (for me) would be healthy, but acceptance in my imperfect body helps me obtain a state of contented homeostasis.

Nutrition isn’t all about vanity, or losing weight, or gaining a sense of pride from your “pure” diet.

It’s about empowering yourself.
It’s about nurturing your humanity.
It’s about fueling yourself to be the best human you can be.
And if that means that you aren’t “perfectly” thin, that’s ok.
Because self-respect is about treating your body like it’s supposed to be treated – and it’s supposed to be fed nutritious food.

So screw what society thinks.
Eat nutritiously for YOU.


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