I Work at a Movie Theater

ImageWell folks, I wrote a post about working at a movie theater, but WordPress kindly deleted it. Thanks.

To sum it up, don’t eat the crap from movie theaters. We put trans-fats on your popcorn. It’s not butter. It’s partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Also, there are artificial sweeteners in the seasoning. Acesulfame K. And there are dyes in it.

Don’t go for the larger sizes. You will eat way too much, even if you don’t mean to. We will try to sell them to you. Don’t buy it. Don’t buy anything, actually. Use that money and go buy something nice for yourself. And actually watch the movie, without having to go for refills, or to pick out the kernels from your popcorn. Corn is actually not that great for your gut, or digestion. Please seek elsewhere for your fiber.

If you are curious about anything else, please ask! 🙂

Image: http://coachwithlisa.com/if-you-like-to-snack-at-the-movies-beware/


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